Commercial Association Management

Our commercial association management (POA) services are inclusive.  Please note, we do not offer Condominium Owner Association (COA) management services.

  • Property Staff Management: Evaluate, train and supervise building staff, creating job descriptions, setting performance standards and goals, and establishing work schedules
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Planning and monitoring routine and emergency maintenance and repairs, follow-up on work orders, and implement customized preventive maintenance programs
  • Regular Inspections: Inspecting the interior and exterior of all buildings and property grounds on an on-going basis
  • Professionally Responsive: Providing staff contacts who can respond to unit owners and tenants in a sensitive, professional, and timely manner
  • Efficiency through Technology: Maintaining electronic records of all documents, customize reports, streamline collection of maintenance and common charges, manage internal work orders – records available to ownership and the Board 24-7
  • Emergency Services: Maintaining a 24/7 emergency line to handle emergencies
  • Smart Purchasing: Working together with our clients to contract for services as well as overseeing bids and purchase orders to ensure the cost-effective operation of the properties we manage
  • Vendor Selection and Negotiation: Carefully recommending and negotiating with our network of preferred vendors and strategic partners to match the appropriate vendor to the job and obtain favorable pricing and payment terms for supplies, services, utilities and insurance
  • Risk Management, Safety and Insurance: Evaluating and managing risk, advising clients about conditions that may pose safety or liability risks, maintaining all insurance and containing insurance costs, investigating and reporting on all accidents and damages
  • Board Relationships: Providing board with innovative ideas for property management, maintenance, and improvement; attending board meetings to provide up-to-date financial reports and reliable advice on operating a property; assist board in conducting their annual meetings and elections, and maintaining election records

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Commercial Property Owner Association Management

South Florida Realty Management is proud to offer a variety of services to ensure owner associations are prepared to handle any situation with the most up to date industry practices and standards. Our focus is to always ensure the Board of Directors has quality and up-to-date information available so the Board can make the best decisions possible for their association.

Our services include:

  • 24-hour online access for association members to manage and track their accounts from our proprietary property management software. In addition to electronic payments and streamlined maintenance request reporting, full general ledger accounting and key financial reports are available on demand to Directors.
  • Collection of association assessments.
  • Covenant enforcement assistance.
  • Negotiation of service provider contracts.
  • Preparation & distribution of meeting packages for annual meetings.
  • Assistance with annual budget preparation and capital reserve study oversight.
  • Review of association documents.
  • Association meeting organization and support.
  • Vendor and on-site staff supervision.
  • AND, much more.

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