Leasing a home

You can expect that we will place our attractive “Home for Rent” yard sign on your property, (if allowed) prior to any known vacancy, or immediately if you have just listed your rental home with us. You can expect that we will place your listed rental property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) within 48 hours of signing a management agreement unless otherwise scheduled. This will give all the Realtors access to your property through the computerized multiple listing service. You can expect that we will list your property on this web site for the general public to view when looking for rental properties. You can expect that we will also list your property on approximately 20 other rental websites which are paid marketing partners of ours. You can expect that we will show your rental property 6 days a week to all prospective renters until your home is leased. You can expect that all rental applications will be subject to:

  • A full credit report on each adult applicant,
  • A verification of the applicant’s former landlord’s references,
  • A verification of the applicants’ employment or income,
  • A nationwide criminal background check will be done on the applicant as well.


You can expect that we will lease your property at the asking amount of rent (as outlined in your management agreement) or higher. We will not lease your property at a lower amount without first obtaining your approval. You can expect that once the rental applicant process is approved, we will complete the lease agreement for your review and approval. You can expect that we will photograph or/or conduct a video taped move in property inspection of your property. You can expect to be notified by our company that your property has been leased.

Lease Renewals

We will attempt to renew the residents lease at least 30 days prior to the lease expiration date. We will renew the residents lease for another year at the same or slightly higher rent amount, if possible. We will not renew the lease at a lower amount of rent unless we have received specific permission to do so. We will place a “For Rent” sign back on the property and begin showing it in the event your current resident does not renew. We will renew the residents lease agreement, or re-rent your property to a new tenant, unless we have written directive from you not to renew the lease or re-rent the property.

Services We Offer

Residential Properties

Residential Properties

We specialize in expert property management. This is our full time purpose – not just a sideline to other real estate activities. We currently manage hundreds of units; all property types including single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, townhouses, multifamily apartments, shopping centers and office space. We would like the opportunity to speak with you about managing your property.

Our approach to residential and commercial property management is always best tailored to suit the individual property type. Real property management is unlike the management associated with other types of properties such as common interest communities like Homeowners Associations (HOAs) or Property Owner Associations (POAs). Real property management is a true specialty service that requires a unique skill set backed-up by state of the art information technology to keep everything organized and a full-time 24-7 effort to keep properties well maintained and tenants happy.

Single Family Residence Management

Single Family Residence Management

Many of our clients have only one rental home. We relieve the stress and interruptions that come with property management for homeowners who were unable to sell, relocated for a career opportunity, or inherited or acquired a property. In addition, those who entered the rental investment market and began by self-managing their property turn to our management company to save time and avoid headaches. Whatever your situation… we’re confident we've handled it many times before.

With changes in home ownership and more homes “For Rent” than ever before, more and more investors trust us to manage their portfolio of rental properties. Regardless of how many rental homes you may own, our management strategy is designed to save you money at every stage of the process, so that your management fee pays for itself. Interested in some pricing? Check out our Pricing Page.

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In the 18th century, several Spanish galleons were shipwrecked in the Martin County area of Florida's Treasure Coast. The multiple wrecks were reportedly the result of a hurricane, and the ships were carrying unknown quantities of gold and silver. Some of this treasure has since been recovered, and its presence resulted in the region's name.

In 1832, pirate Pedro Gilbert who often used a sandbar off the coast as a lure to unsuspecting prey, chased and caught the Mexican, a US merchant ship. Although he attempted to burn the ship and kill the crew, they survived to report the incident, ultimately resulting in the capture and subsequent execution of Gilbert and his crew. The bar from which is lured his intended booty is named "Gilbert's Bar" on nautical charts. Sourced From Wikipedia

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