Maintenance Request

Inform Us of a Maintenance Issue

Submit A Maintenance Request

Unless you are experiencing a bona-fide property emergency such as fire or flood, please log into your tenant portal with the above button to submit all repair requests to our maintenance team members. Please be very specific in describing your problem(s) including uploading photos if needed so we can dispatch the proper maintenance personnel or the appropriately licensed specialist vendor. 

If you are experiencing an emergency please call 911, then our office number at (772) 220-0844.

Once submitted, your maintenance request is sent directly to our maintenance department. Please remember while our website operates 24 hours per day, seven days weekly - our staff does not. If you are reporting on a bank holiday, Friday after 1PM, Saturday or Sunday – please expect a return call early the next business week.

Once you log into your tenant portal, please look for the "Contact Us" button to report your maintenance request as appears below:

tenant portal login

Before you log out, please ensure your email and phone number are current and correct so we can contact you with a maintenance appointment window.

NOTE: If a malfunctioning system in your home is damaging the property, please take the necessary steps to stop further damage until our qualified repair personnel can arrive on-site.

Example #1: The air conditioner is dripping overflow condensate water from the HVAC system located in the attic onto and/or through your sheetrock ceiling: TURN OFF THE A/C at the thermostat and/or breaker to prevent further damage and lessen the risk of ceiling collapse inside your residence.

Example #2: A pipe under the kitchen sink is leaking into your kitchen cabinet: TURN OFF THE WATER SUPPLY VALVES under the sink to prevent further leaking/flooding and place a container under the leak inside the cabinet to limit the water damage.

Example #3: Your residence has suddenly lost power to an appliance, a part of a room, or part of the home: (A.) Check your breaker box for a tripped breaker, and (B) Check all power outlets in the effected area for a tripped GFI. Reset the breaker/GFI. If resetting your breakers or GFIs does not fix the issue, please submit a maintenance request.