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Video Troubleshooting for Maintenance Requests! Yes, we have it!

Video Troubleshooting for Maintenance Requests! Yes, we have it!

It seems today we are in a video chat revolution and South Florida Realty Management is utilizing this important technology to save our property management clients money.

We have released a new feature that allows for video-based maintenance troubleshooting. We’re now able to resolve or de-escalate around 30% of the maintenance requests that arise - often avoiding the unnecessary dispatching of vendors, or worse, the dispatching of an incorrect vendor type. This not only saves our property management clients time and money, but it also can help keep our residents and our maintenance vendors safer during the COVID-19 crisis.
Here is how it works: Whenever a tenant maintenance request comes through our 24-hour a day maintenance department call center, our team can send our tenant a video call link to be able to identify more accurately what the maintenance problem is and more efficiently walk the tenant through resolving the issue. Our tenants don’t have to download anything, they simply receive a video call link via text message. Once they click it, they're in a video chat with our maintenance professionals on their mobile browser.
Below is a snapshot of how this feature looks in real-time:

We are excited to offer this feature to our property management clients at zero additional charge to them - its just part of the comprehensive package of services we proudly provide as part of our affordable professional property management program.  For more information on our property management program, please check out our website today at: 

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